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A Letter From Clancy McKenzie, M.D. « ISEPP Blog

A Letter From Clancy McKenzie, M.D. « ISEPP Blog

A Letter From Clancy McKenzie, M.D.

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Three of the APA’s Clinical Treatment Guidelines were developed by 20 physicians, 18 of whom received incentives from the drug companies — which they failed to disclose, and 100% of those 18 recommended the drug from the company that paid them! Each probably rationalized that the money did not influence their decision. The influence is subtle, but 20 billions are devoted to clever ways of influencing decisions, recommendations, thinking. This affects every facet of the medical community and the lay population as well.
Journals print ads that extol the virtues of medications; the Psychiatric Times and the APA Newspaper print articles that are pleasing to the drug companies, the FDA considers the pharmaceutical companies their best customers and would eradicate all their competition; TV, radio and newspaper ads influence the general public, organizations such as NAMI and Schizophrenia Research Forum have been bought by Big Pharma. I was banned from that latter group because I asked if they were funded by drug companies. These and other seemingly helpful groups are funded either directly or indirectly by Big Pharma — and these influence still more professionals, patients and family members.
Eighteen combat veterans commit suicide every day, and most are given medication instead of treatment. Some of these medications triple or quadruple the suicide rate!
Prisoners, veterans, nursing home residents, welfare recipients and their children, foster children and even foster babies are given drugs, free of charge — and in ever-increasing numbers!
This has resulted in a massive increase in mental illness in this country. Understanding has been replaced with pills — which can cause more harm than good.
The question is what can we do to change the tide? Fads catch on. There are hit tunes that everyone hums or sings. One day when I was walking to the John, I noticed I was singing a song. It was psychopharmacomania. Over the next week I awakened with 18 more verses — but cut it down to the five best. If you have a good speaker system on your computer you can appreciate the production by the vocalist who was proclaimed by Pavarotti to have a voice that comes around once in 100 years, and accompanied by the lead guitarist for the grammy-winning group The Tramps. It is a catchy tune and well produced — with an incredibly creative story board to go along with it. This can make a difference. I would hope that each of you might help by sending it to your email list and encouraging everyone to do the same. If it goes viral then we might make a substantial impact. People must be awakened to how they are being influenced and deceived.
We also have a 31 minute production of the song for those who wish to use it in a protest march. It is very musical and enjoyable.
Click here to view on Youtube.
Thank you for your help.
Dr. Clancy McKenzie is one of the world’s foremost experts on Schizophrenia and mental health. As a youth and young adult, Dr. McKenzie was always regarded as a very compassionate person and an explorer. While in college he often shared his stories of counseling homesick campers when he was ten years old – and exploring the world, hitchhiking throughout Europe, into Asia and across North Africa, sometimes alone on the Sahara Desert. So it came as no surprise to friends and family when, early in his career, he embarked upon an unknown path in his quest to help others.
After graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1962, McKenzie’s life work focused squarely on the study of the human mind in pursuit of helping those afflicted with mental disorders. Following internship, he studied adult and child psychiatry and psychoanalysis with top experts in the field at some of the best institutions – to gain overview of what was known in the field at the time. He trained at the Menninger School of Psychiatry, the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center and the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute.

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