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Welcome To AAPP: The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry

Welcome To AAPP

Association for the Advancement
of Philosophy & Psychiatry

The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP) was establlished in 1989 to promote cross-disciplinary research, educational initiatives, and graduate training programs in philosophy and psychiatry. Philosophical methods bring to psychiatry a kind of analysis and critique that are invaluable in their clarity of thought, meaning, and application to practice. But over the years, we also have found that, in addition to having its own philosophical problems, psychiatry also informs philosophical theorizing itself, and that the field of "philosophy and psychiatry" is developing into its own interdisciplinary field.

AAPP is dedicated to philosophical inquiry in psychiatric theory and practice. AAPP aims to enhance the effectiveness of the psychiatrist as teacher, researcher, and practitioner by illuminating the philosophical issues embedded in these activities. AAPP also aims to consider the ways in which psychiatric knowledge, theories, and practices can enrich and challenge basic philosophical assumptions about mind, knowledge, and subjectivity, for instance. Topics of interest include the identification, understanding, and explication of abnormal experience and behavior; the problem of psychiatric classification; the relationship between neuroscience and cllinical practice; the evaluation of clinical methods; and moral and ethical issues raised by psychiatric categories and practice.

The goals of AAPP are realized through:

  • Fostering research in the philosophical aspects of psychiatric theory and practice.
  • Identifying and supporting collaborative cross-disciplinary research teams in philosophy, psychiatry, and psychology and related fields.
  • Sponsoring educational courses, an annual meeting, international meetings, regional meetings with local chapters and symposia with other societies.
  • Sharing syllabi on courses relevant to philosophy and psychiatry.
  • Reaching a greater public audience and popularizing the interdisciplinary field through the use of new technologies.
  • Publishing in the area of philosophy and psychiatry.
  • Mentoring those who are new to the interdisciplinary field.
  • Providing consultation to graduate training programs.

Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology (PPP) is the official journal of the organization, published in conjunction with the Royal College of Psychiatrists Philosophy Group by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

AAPP is an energetic association, and we can promise you genuine collegiality, an opportunity to contribute and to learn, lively topics for consideration, and instructive and enjoyable meetings.

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