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"It is clear that DSM-5 has lost touch with clinical reality. It has been prepared by researchers with little real world clinical experience and little understanding of how their proposals will be distorted by drug company marketing." - DSM5 In Distress – Why Social Workers Should Oppose DSM5 - General Psychiatry News

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via Mental Health Writers' Guild by boldkevin on 4/27/12
Yesterday evening I spent sometime reading a very interesting article by Allen Francis MD and published in Psychology Today.
It appears to be a part of their (Psychology Today’s) series DSM5 In Distress and made some excellent and very interesting points.
Now I need to be candid with you all here. I live in Ireland and the DSM5 is not something which I am very familiar with but because of the fact that many of our members are from the States and thus affected by it, I have been trying to keep up to date with it all on your behalf.
In response to the title statement, “Why Social Workers Should Oppose DSM5?” he gives the statement “Because they bring a missing and much-needed perspective.”
Fair point well made! Is this writer’s response to that! Something which appears to be validated by the opening paragraph which states..
Social workers make up by far the largest single constituency among all the potential users of DSM-5, a plurality of over 200,000 mental health clinicians. Until recently, they have been silent while psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, the press, and the public have all strongly opposed DSM-5. Things are changing. Recently, two prominent social workers have stepped forward to explain why it is important for their profession to take a stand on DSM-5. 1
I really do think that members will be interested in reading this article (if they haven’t already) which is why I have referenced it here.
BUT what may be of even more interest to readers is a reference made within that article to an open petition that people can sign.
I tried accessing that petition from the link provided in the article but it appears to be broken. I did however notice that there was a possible rogue character at the end of the link and so tried it without that character and it worked. So here is a working link for you to that open petition. Open Letter to the DSM-5
This open letter of petition is a long read BUT given the weight of importance associated with this whole matter it pretty much needs to be and I would therefore encourage members to plough through it and if appropriate to add their nam to those signing it.
Kind Regards.

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