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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." 

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Though optimistic in public, the White House in private is weighing its options in case the Supreme Court invalidates all or part of the health care law.

Is Schizophrenia Really a Brain Disease? - Brain Blogger (blog)

Brain Blogger (blog)

Is Schizophrenia Really a Brain Disease?
Brain Blogger (blog)
The American journal of psychiatry, 144 (11), 1474-6 PMID: 3674230 ... Recovery from schizophrenia: An international perspective: A report from the WHO ...

Genetic factors and family have been studied in combination with psychiatric diagnoses in general, and suicide risk in particular. Studies of twins show that monozygotic twins have greater concordance for suicidal behavior ...

They are classified as other comorbidities, because they do not result in the nomenclature of DSM psychiatric diagnosis and, although some of them seem to be complaints of behavior, however, they are somatic in nature.

The purpose of this study was to co-calibrate items from different deliberate self-harm (DSH) behavioural scales on the same measurement metric and compare cut points and item hierarchy across those scales. Participants included 568 young Australians aged 18–3 years (62% university students, 21...

Marcia A Voges, David M Romney
Annals of General Hospital Psychiatry 2003, 2:4 (1 May 2003)

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Sex abusers prey on kids' trust, thrive on shame and fear, experts say
The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry says child sex abuse is reported 80000 times a year. But experts acknowledge those numbers are just ...
Experts say depression and withdrawal is a sign of sexual abuseWTVR

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Higher Level of Testosterone Makes Women Choose Self-Pleasure ...
Counsel & Heal
The research has been published online in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour. Print This Article; Send This Article. Join the Conversation. Please enable ...

22-to-life for Lau in Erlich murder
The Journal News |
LATEST OPINION ARTICLES .... After several competency hearings and psychiatric evaluations, Kelly ruled April 19 that Lau was fit to stand trial. Less than a ...

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Overall, 9.2% of mental health visits and 18.3% of visits to psychiatrists included antipsychotic treatment. From 2000 to 2002, 92.3% of visits with prescription of an antipsychotic included a second-generation medication. Mental health visits ...

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Declining Testosterone Levels in Men Not Part of Normal Aging
Science Daily (press release)
ScienceDaily (June 23, 2012) — A new study finds that a drop in testosterone levels over time is more likely to result from a man's behavioral and health ...

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In addressing one of the most personal issues in sports — how to draw a line between male and female — the International Olympic Committee decided to use testosterone levels as the determining factor.

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Hundreds of hospitals have started to require that their nurses have at least a bachelor’s degree, fueling efforts by schools to make their nursing graduates more competitive.

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A reader says fake vaccination campaigns like the one used to track Osama bin Laden create suspicion and thus endanger lives.

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The sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is the subject of a new play by Mark St. Germain.