Friday, August 2, 2013

We are in the midst of a new type of war: information war, unleashed by Russians

My Dear Lords and my Most Dear Ladies!
My Dear Admiral!
I am afraid to say (or not afraid to say it at all and have to say it) that we are in the midst of a new type of war: information war, unleashed by Russians. It manifests itself as an onslaught of cheap but vicious propaganda campaign around the issues raised by Snowden affair and other related issues. There is a certain evidence that this campaign was planned and prepared in advance and is being executed with a methodical but intellectually deficient precision and meticulousness characteristic of traditional KGB style of operations and was approved and is conducted at the highest levels of Russian formal power structures. This informational aggression has to be met with the appropriate response of the same type. The concepts of information, information security and other related concepts, and their use in intergovernmental relations, including their aggressive, war-like types should be researched, better understood, elaborated and developed for practical purposes. The best minds in science, philosophy and intelligence community should combine their efforts in this project. We live in a new Information Age. We have to understand what it is and its implications. Time is of essence. We have to start working on this. I definitely will not hesitate to communicate with you if I have anything new or valuable to say. Thank you for attention.