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Selected Blogs Review - 5.2.12

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Selected Blogs

Selected Blogs Review - 5.2.12

"Selected Blogs" bundle created by Mike Nova

Description: The most notable blogs on general and forensic psychiatry and psychology
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  • Battleland » Military Mental Health
  • candidaabrahamson
  • Faktensucher
  • In the news by Karen Franklin PhD
  • Prison Watch Network
  • Mental Health Writers' Guild
  • Health News
  • rajpersaud
  • NIMH | Director’s Blog
  • DSM5 in Distress

Selected Blogs

via Faktensucher by curi56 on 5/2/12
West Texas Lightning StormWest Texas Lightning Storm (Photo credit: jeffk)
Death row inmate Hank Skinner’s decade-long fight for DNA testing, which he hopes will prove his innocence in a grisly West Texas triple murder, will take center stage this morning in the state’s highest criminal court….
Who is able to pray for him, please, do this! Let the light shine about this innocent man!

via candidaabrahamson by candidaabrahamson on 5/2/12
No one ever told me I was a woman of few words. Not once. But every once in a while, some number faces me, representing a fact so powerful that it overwhelms my verbiage. It was Pythagoras who said “The … Continue reading →

via Faktensucher by curi56 on 5/2/12

via Faktensucher by curi56 on 5/2/12
In case you missed it:
Occupy Oakland video: Riot police fire tear gas, flashbang grenades: Police have clashed with hundreds of demonstrators in the U.S. city of Oakland. It happened when hundreds marched to show their anger at police clearing an “Occupy Wall Street” camp.
(seen: information clearing house)
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via Health News by Ray Hainer on 5/1/12
TUESDAY, May 1, 2012 ( — If you’re genetically predisposed to be overweight, the amount of sleep you get each night could make a big difference in how influential those genes are, a new study suggests. After analyzing the sleep habits and body weight of 1,088 pairs of twins, including genetically identical ones, researchers concluded that [...]

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