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Dance Therapy Links

Dance Therapy Links

The theory of DMT is based upon the idea that “the body and mind are inseparable”.[3]
“Dance movement therapy rests on certain theoretical principles. These are:
  • Body and mind interact, so that a change in movement will affect total functioning
  • Movement reflects personality
  • The therapeutic relationship is mediated at least to some extent non-verbally, for
example through the therapist mirroring the client’s movement
  • Movement contains a symbolic function and as such can be evidence of unconscious process
  • Movement improvisation allows the client to experiment with new ways of being
  • DMT allows for the recapitulation of early object relationships by virtue of the largely non-verbal mediation of the latter”[4]
Through the unity of the body, mind, and spirit, DMT provides a sense of wholeness to all individuals.[3] 



gurdjieff - GS

gurdjieff dance - GS

war dance - GS

A war dance is a dance involving mock combat, usually in reference to tribal warrior societies where such dances were performed as a ritual connected with endemic warfare. Martial arts in various cultures can be performed in dance-like settings for various reasons, such as for evoking ferocity in preparation for battle or showing off skill in a more stylized manner. Many such martial arts incorporate music, especially strong percussive rhythms
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Seriously consider and explore the possibilities and advantages of Dance Therapy - GS
Let the "gay" and the "straight" guys and garls dance War Dances together. It probably will bond them together as nothing else.
Hire the best dance therapists and composers to create a new therapeutic movement: Military Dance Therapy.

War Dances - YouTube

American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances

Uploaded by on Jun 20, 2011
From a compilation of Native American music entitled "American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances"
Immortals - Dance with Sabers LIVE. "Georgian Fire" National Ballet Metekhi Potskhishvili

Uploaded by on Apr 6, 2010
Immortals - Dance with Sabers LIVE. "Georgian Fire" National Ballet Metekhi Potskhishvili
Национальный балет Грузии «МЕТЕХИ» имини: Поцхишвили. с программой ''Огонь Грузии''

Liberace playing Saber Dance

Uploaded by on Aug 7, 2008
Here is Liberace performing Saber Dance from the 50's

Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights - YouTube Search


PROKOFIEV - Romeo & Juliet - Ballet

Uploaded by on Aug 5, 2007
PROKOFIEV - Romeo and Juliet - Opéra National Paris - Nureyev - Ballet de l'Opera National de Paris - Monique Loudières - Manuel Legris

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