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Profiling approach for identification of potential suicidal behavior

Profiling approach for identification of potential suicidal behavior

(instead of "risk factors")

the same or similar way FBI profiles criminal behaviors

(Morally, in most religions, especially in the Abrahamic ones, it is considered a very serious violation: "you are the slave of God and He only can take your life from you, because it was Him, who granted it to you"; and also on the books in many jurisdictions, still.)

- history of previous suicidal attempts
- history of self-injurious behavior

- Externalised - Internalised Aggression Scale and Index: EA/IA = 1 (+ - 0.5)

- signs of anxiety and depression
- changes in overt behavior

- Socialisation styles: loner or family problems

- Personality styles and vulnerabilities

- "Real Life Problems": financial, family, others

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Do we want just to improve the statistics to look better or do we want to address the problem "in-depth"? Or both? Of course both: one purpose does not exclude the other at all; it would be a "false dichotomy". But the statistics have to be truthful. They should be cleaned of "lies and damn lies" as much as possible, otherwise they mislead, which is dangerous epistemologically: the search for truthful and more or less "scientific" explanations has to be based on "clean" and adequately collected factual and data sets.

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