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6:33 PM 6/11/2012 - General Psychiatry News

Google Reader - General Psychiatry News

6:33 PM 6/11/2012 - General Psychiatry News

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The Foreigner

Breivik Trial Day 34: Diagnoses and Knights Templar called into question again
The Foreigner
Breivik Trial Day 34: Diagnoses and Knights Templar called into question again. UPDATED: Today's trial witnesses included forensic psychology expert Pål Grøndahl, top Norwegian psychiatry professor Einar Kringlen and Eirik Johannesen from Bærum's ...

Kaiser Health News

Secrets And Electronic Health Records: A Privacy Concern
Kaiser Health News
The notes contained detailed information about her regimen of psychiatric medications, her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. HIPAA expressly prohibits mental health professionals from sharing their ...

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APAPsychiatric: RT @APP_Publishing: Military Suicides Continue Troubling Increase: Despite enhanced education and antistigma programs and increased ... ...

How to End a Psychiatric Epidemic: The Redemption of Psychiatry
Psychiatric Times (blog)
The Reichstag in Berlin had a sign: Willkommen, and something about psychiatry. Although I took German in high school, my German was a little rusty. I seemed to be looking around for my childhood friend who was now stationed in Germany with his wife.

Treating Childhood Anxiety With Computers, Not Drugs
Science Daily (press release)
The understandable reluctance to use psychiatric medications when it comes to children means child psychologists are always searching for viable therapeutic alternatives. Now Prof. Yair Bar-Haim of Tel Aviv University's School of Psychological Sciences ...

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Medical Daily

Even 7 Year Old Kids Harming Themselves, Study
Medical Daily
A separate study published in Psychiatry Research says that children who resort to self-injury are at higher risk of attempting a suicide. According to this study, 70 percent of the children who engaged in NSSI reported a lifetime suicide attempt.
Study: Even 7-year-olds sometimes hurt themselvesThe Associated Press
Self-harm showing up in elementary schoolsMyFox Detroit

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Blood test to diagnose depression?
Times of India
Dr Eva Redei, who developed the test, is a professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, says that she finds the results of her research promising, particularly given what she calls the ...

via NYT > Health by By ANAHAD O'CONNOR on 6/11/12
A popular class of drugs used to treat Type 2 diabetes may increase the risk of vision problems, a new study suggests.

APA President-Elect Jeffrey Lieberman discusses the ongoing grief vs depression controversy. Plus, a call to place more emphasis on etiology in psychiatric diagnosis.
Medscape Psychiatry

via Psychiatric Times on 6/11/12
In light of our problems and uncertainties about the state of current psychiatry, or perhaps because of them, what might describe good psychiatry? Following are some suggestions for what we, as psychiatrists, can do.

via Twitter / NIMHgov on 6/11/12
NIMHgov: RT @YalePsych: We are pleased to host @NIMHgov's Dr. Pamela Collins, this Wed, to speak on global mental health. Details: ...

via NYT > Health by By KENNETH CHANG on 6/11/12
Efforts continue to mask the telltale sign of an artificial sweetener: the bitter aftertaste.

via Clinical Psychiatry News by on 6/11/12
No matter how the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, UnitedHealthcare will continue to offer several benefits currently required under the law.
On June 11, the...

via NYT > Health by By RONI CARYN RABIN on 6/11/12
It is unclear how often kidney donors have trouble obtaining insurance, but advocates say the fear of being uninsurable may be a powerful deterrent to donation.

It is part of the international Empathic Therapy Conference put on by the Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy, Education & Living (April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse, New York). The panel will present a unique examination of an antidepressant- related ... As a result, I was asked to write about the implications of these new labels for the most widely read psychiatric journal for primary care prescribers. The panel at the Empathic Therapy Conference, the first of its kind, will ...

APAPsychiatric: Nominations call for 2013 American #Psychiatric Association National Election Send to #psychiatrists

via psychiatric diagnosis - Google Blog Search by Lisa Lambert on 6/11/12
When she was four years old, my daughter received a diagnosis of mood disorder, and when she was six, a new psychiatrist diagnosed her with bipolar disorder. I.

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