Saturday, February 2, 2013

If psychiatry is not successful, APA will not be successful

(title unknown):
PsychiatryOnline | Psychiatric News | News Article
James H. Scully Jr., M.D., will retire as APA medical director and chief executive officer at the end of this year after a decade of remarkable change and progress.

Scully will leave behind an APA stronger than he found it when he became medical director 11 years ago, and one that is poised to face the future. “We are the voice of psychiatry,” he said. “No other group does what we do. If APA is not successful, psychiatry will not be successful.”
I would phrase it a little differently, Dr. Scully:
If psychiatry is not successful, APA will not be successful.
Sometimes it is important to position chickens and eggs properly. And, maybe it is exactly this "mispositioning": prioritising psychiatry as a profession and as a professional organisation over psychiatry as a unique medical and social science and discipline, that is a part of the problem.
Michael Novakhov.

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